I'll try

I will try my best to move forward.
Forget everything that poisoning my mind. My heart.
That make me become a bad person.
I try to make myself busy.
Trying to distract myself with something else. Instead of my problems.
Trying to fill my mind. My heart. With happy things.
Even tho it is not easy. But I will try my best to do it.

Be humble.

Kita hidup jangan terlalu menunjuk. Jangan terlalu bangga.  Jangan terlalu bongkak. Sebab apa yang kita ada sekarang mungkin akan hilang dalam sekelip mata. Kita mungkin berjaya, happy, senang sekarang. Kita tak tahu bila kita akan jatuh. Hidup bersederhana, low profile. Jangan terlalu mengejar nama semata mata. Sampai kita sakitkan hati orang lain. Buat orang menyampah dengan diri kita. Orang mungkin puji kita. Senyum depan kita. Tapi kita tak tahu yang disebaliknya, mereka lain. Just bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada sekarang. Jangan angkuh dan bongkak. Jangan terlalu menunjuk nunjuk. :)


Penat dengan dunia.
Penat dengan manusia.
Penat dengan tipu dan cerita dan masalah.

Tapi penat inilah yang buat kita untuk maju.
Untuk berfikir yang hidup ini tidak lah selalu indah dan bahagia seperti mimpi.
Tidak lah mudah.

Berfikir untuk capai yang lebih tinggi.
Yang lebih bagus.
Untuk diri kita dan masa depan kita sendiri.

Tinggalkan segala kenangan pahit.
Yang sakit.
Yang sedih.
Teruskan hidup.
Kerana akan ada kenangan yamg lebih baik daripada kenangan lama itu.
Buka buku baru.
Kisah hidup baru.

Don't worry.

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections. 💕 So don't be afraid to make mistakes in life because we can learn new things and appreciated ourselves even more.

Move again?

We might move again. Sigh. This time not because of my family financial problem but the owner of the house that we currently staying. It start with a tiny electric bill. We've been heard that the family that stayed at this house before our family had a "relationship" problem. Divorce. They had financial problem leads to avoid paying electric bill. Which left us almost RM1000 (tunggakan). Of course we don't want to pay that because it's not our debt. So the owner said just pay the current charge only. My dad is not the type of person who pay it late, ada tunggakan or whatever. He paid every month without any tunggakan. So the electric bill are okay but! The water bill is the problem now. As you guys know. My family live at a village kinda place. Which means, in one tanah lot have 3 to 4 houses. My owner land have 4 house. 1 the owner, 1 his late sister, 2 rent house. So we live at the owner late sister house which is huge. So in one land have 4 electric and 4 wate…

Saturday Night.

Last Saturday, my family and I went to celebrate my mother birthday. We went to a seafood restaurant at Bagan Lalang for some delicious seafood dinner and it was great! We having so much fun. I eat a lot too!!! Maybe because I was really hungry as I didn't eat anything at all on that day.

We also went to shopping some stuff at Nilai. First we went to Mesamall at Nilai to buy my skincare product and hair care. Then went to Borders bookstore to buy art supply. After that, we went to Popular bookstore at Giant, Nilai to buy more art supplies. Haha.. Sebab satu tempat tak jual banyak barang or barang yang sama. Right?!

Can't wait to use my new babies!! 😍😍😍 . #fathinmelukis #watercolour #reeveswatercolor A post shared by @fathinnatasha_ on Sep 4, 2017 at 3:10am PDT

After all the supplies shopping at Nilai, we went for some thrift shopping at Nilai Lama. Rasanya lah sebab tak ingat nama tempat tu. Thrift shopping are the BEST!!! Best giler thriting ni. Thrift is bundle. Baju lama…

Those kind people.

A few weeks ago, I was sad and felt not appreciated and these 2 beautiful and kind people make me happy.

Story 1.
I'm that type of person who love to give people that I know like friends a gift for special occasion or just for fun. Last month was one of my friend birthday. So I decided to draw her a portrait if her. I'm not that good in portrait drawing but I've put a lot of effort in doing it. Little do you know, she didn't even say "THANK YOU" to me. Which made me sad about it. It's not a big deal to others but to me it is a BIG deal. Making that portrait with all of my heart and then they didn't appreciate it are the worst thing ever!

Sigh. I always give something to people.. like present, but I never see them appreciate it or even say thank you.Am I being dramatic with my life? Or I'm just pathetic.
You'll be appreciated like you've never been appreciated before, sooner or later.Your talent, hardwork & thoughtfulness will lead you t…