ELC 150. Short Story: Twelve and Not Stupid.

This is my answer for my short story assignment for class elc 150 :) 

ELC 150

Twelve and Not Stupid.

Question 1.
If you were 'I' in the story, what would you think of the relationship between Papa and Auntie May? Provide some reason.

If I were 'I' in the story Twelve and Not Stupid, I will think of so many negative thinking about Papa and Auntie May relationship. I will think that both of them having an affair without Mama knowing about it.  At first, I thought she was Papa or Mama friend because I was surprised when she know my name. Auntie May is not Papa client, schoolmate, or officemate because I never meet her before. Also Papa and Mama never talked about Auntie May as their friend or someone that they know. I predict that Auntie May is Papa girlfriend or scandals. Plus, with Papa good looking face, thick wavy hair and always dresses smartly, who will not fall in love with him. Furthermore, the most unexpected part in this story is when Papa asked me to lie to Mama about why we are late coming home that day. Plus, Papa use a lower voice when he talked with Auntie May while I was sitting at the back seat in the car.

Question 2.
Do you like the story in general? Why?

In general I do not like the story Twelve and Not Stupid. The reason why is the plot of the story is not fun or interesting enough for me to enjoy reading it. The story flow is too complicated for me to understand and I have to read it twice. Also the story is boring generally. The characters is not interesting especially Sasha’s Mama who appeared for only a few times. The writer should make Mama character more interesting. Also at the end of the story appeared a little boy name Kassim. I want to know more about that little boy but his part are only for short term. Plus, the ending does not amazed me at all. The part when Sasha’s Mama turn her head to Sasha and lifted one of her eyebrows in a question marked was confusing me. I wonder about what does Sasha’s Mama mean by it and why. What does the lifted eyebrows mean?

Question 3.
Imagine that you are going to film this short story. Describe the film in terms of the choice of actress/actresses, scenes and place. Provide some reasons to your description. 

If I am going to film this short story, in terms of choice of actress or actresses, I will choose Adi Putra as Papa. His acting are amazing and I believe he can act just like the Papa character in the short story. He is also an attractive man just like Papa character in the short story. As for actress, I choose Zara Zya as Mama because she can act Mama character perfectly and she can show the love of the mother to her family excellently of the mother for 12 years old girl. As for Auntie May, I choose Yana Samsudin to play Auntie May character because in the story, Auntie May is describe that her skin is fair and she is Chinese. So Auntie May character suit Yana Samsudin in every aspect. As for Sasha character, I choose Nur Qistina Raisah because in the story, Sasha looks like an innocent kid but have a wide imagination inside her head. Next is the place that I want to film the short story. I choose somewhere that looks modest but modern like Kuala Lumpur because Kuala Lumpur is busy and modern town same as the scenery in the short story.