Road to Ramlee

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In the hustle bustle of modern Kuala Lumpur, 4 friends inspired by their common respect for the late P. Ramlee, are part of a 4-piece musical tribute band.

Hoping to become legends in their own right, they embark together on a journey in search of their own true voice, powered by the Samsung GALAXY Note 4.

A four webisodes short movie, Road to Ramlee is performed by Iedil Putra, Christina Suzanne, Awang Masrin, Bo Amir Iqram and Sean Lee.

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Road to Ramlee Teaser

Road To Ramlee – Episode 1: Nasib Si Reza (Reza's Fate)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 2: Ragam Ujibakat (Audition Antics)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 3: Manis Manis Masam (Sweet Sweet Sour)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 4: Antara Dua Penyanyi (Between Two Singers)

Road to Ramlee – Seniman (Music Video)